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Mumbai the capital city of Maharashtra is the most densely populated city in India. It is the city where most millionaires reside. It becomes very difficult for the common people to adjust themselves in the city and live a financially stable life. Most of the people, be it a college student or a house-wife or even a working man is seen taking up the profession of an escort. But since in India, this profession is looked upon with shame and disrespect, most of them prefer keeping it a secret. Many people are also seen availing the escort services in Mumbai including the Russian vashi escorts in order to satisfy their sexual needs.


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Priya Dixit, a programmer from a small town in Kerala gave up her job in Mumbai and became an escort by joining Vashi Escorts service. She was meeting new men every day through an online website. Her first experience was not a great one, but she was sure that she could pay away her educational loan with the money she earned from it. Not only Priya, many young girls like her are becoming independent escorts in Vashi and their clients are mostly married men aged 40-50 years and are doctors, lawyers or businessmen.


Secret lives of housewives

Most of the housewives in Mumbai are seeking sexual pleasure from younger men while their husbands are busy travelling for work. The main reason behind this is lack of sexual satisfaction and boredom. Most of them reach out for escorts in Vashi Mumbai and these Mumbai housewives are having a rocking sex life. Some women are also seen taking up this profession in order to earn some money on her own and be financially independent. Vashi high profile escorts have numerous escorts who are housewives and usually look out for younger clients. So either way, housewives in Mumbai are living a colourful life.Escort services are becoming very popular these days. Be it Mumbai or Varanasi, escort services are available everywhere.

64 year old female escort

Manisha Singh, a 64year old woman who is a part of Escort Service in Vashi for more than 25 years says that as long as she has to pay her household expenses she will be a part of this profession. She became a part of Navi Mumbai Escorts Service when her husband passed away and then later she was moved to Mumbai Escorts Vashi. According to her younger men adores being with an older woman like her. She is now a part of a group of elderly escorts in Mumbai. Thus the escort services are increasing in number because both men and women are acknowledging and satisfying their needs.

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